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Sasha Marie....

The Homeopath!

Supporting natural health and wellness that encompasses the whole person.

I am a practical AND classical homeopath with an ethereal twist. I work mainly with women and children but I never limit myself. I am a herbalist at heart and have taken many herbalism courses, including but not limited to Kitchen herbalist with Abrah Arneson, Herbal Pharmacy & Herbal Pregnancy and Childbirth with Wild Rose College of Herbal Medicine and more. I combine this knowledge with my current studying through Centre for Homeopathic Education to become a licensed prescribing homeopath. 

I trust that Gaia has provided us with everything we need in order to bring our bodies into balance and maintain this health. I work closely with her energy and her natural plant medicines, in addition to prescribing homeopathic remedies.

Sasha Marie - The Homeopath offers consults for acutes, chronics, birthing journeys and more! I strive to offer educational opportunities for my community and natural healthy alternative options through teaching workshops that teach you how to make safer alternatives to everyday products.



The Grassroots Birth Keeper!

Supporting wild pregnancy, freebirths and wild motherhood journey's.

I value your personal power and your intuition, especially when it comes to your body and your birth experience. It is my job to assist you in creating the experience that you have been MANIFESTING. 

I view birth as a physiologically natural and ancestrally feminine journey that should be respected and nurtured. When you choose to work with Sasha Marie, you are choosing to embrace the path of Radical Birth.

Sasha Marie - The Grassroots Birth Keeper offers pregnancy, birth and postpartum support to enhance your unique birthing journey. I strive to educate my clients and mother's-to-be on their rights, what to expect, how to cope, finding confidence in their intuition and ultimately, it is my goal to connect mother with child on every level; bonding being essential for a happy healthy life.

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It's Nice to Meet You!

Sasha Hunke

Professional Jack of All Trades

Hello there!
I am the face behind
Sasha Marie - The Homeopath & The Grassroots Birth Keeper.

I started my journey into this career in 2016 after having my first son - Max and an immense amount of birth trauma. I now have a second son, Myles and time to truly pursue my passions. 

My birthing experiences themselves were quite honestly traumatic and it thrust me into researching and developing a greater sense of bodily autonomy and natural medicines. I absolutely thrive in an educating position and want all the families I work with to know and value their options. 

When it comes to birth, I believe it is a natural feminine experience, (and most often) is best left undisturbed and unhindered, led by the mother and her intuition. This results in the best birthing outcomes for all involved (with the understanding that there are rare circumstances of emergency).

When it comes to homeopathy, I believe that we have all the answers around us if we are just willing to listen closely. I believe that there is a plant for every ailment, and thus a homeopathic remedy for every illness.

If it involves homeopathy, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or plant medicines, then I am interested! I offer a range of services related to supporting your body and healing naturally.

I am also a professional birth photographer!

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T. (403) 844-5385

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Homeopath & Traditional Birth Keeper


Sonnie, Client

We have used Sasha a few times and her digital support is unreal , more than I expected from a busy mom. She’s there for you when you need , and full of great advice & remedies. 

It was fantastic to have someone who supported our choices, vision and birth path. 

I’ll admit I did have buyers remorse after initially purchasing my package. But it was far worth the money by week 12 or so when I was so ill I hadn’t gotten out of bed or left the house in weeks. Sasha had many ideas and advise for alternative options other than the hospital, crackers & ginger ale. She even delivered homeopathic medication on multiple occasions and hooked me up with acupuncture, which ultimately ended solving a lot and easing my vomiting.

Sasha was always there when I needed her, even if I didn’t expect a reply after many, many messages. She was always at my side .

Highly recommend!

Shelby, Client

"Sasha is so patient and kind, she is so knowledgeable and cares about the people she is working with. She made sure we were educated about all of our options and when the time came she made sure our wishes were known. I would recommend Sasha to everyone, not only was she supportive of myself she gave the same level of support to my boyfriend."

Taylor, Client

I am just shy of 30 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with severe itching as my belly stretches thru this pregnancy.

I had reached out and Sasha made me a belly salve and I had instant relief. I use this almost every day and I swear it has even helped with my stretch marks and the itchy belly that anyone who has been pregnant I’m sure knows how uncomfortable it can be!


12/10 recommend not only her products but also her knowledge of homeopathic medicine & everything in between!

Thanks! Message sent.

The Wild Village Circles

Join us Monthly as we discuss all the things about womanhood and motherhood

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